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Hog Problems

Some folks see feral pigs wandering through their neighborhoods and think they are cute, furry, signs of nature, but it doesn’t take much searching to learn the facts of this disease infested wave of destruction spreading across the country destroying our crops, our lands, our livestock and our native species.

In their native habitat there are predators that prey on them such as lynx, panthers, brown bears and wolves. They do not have that population control here and their population doubles every five years meaning by 2030 there will be 24 million feral hogs.

Whole Sounder Control


A sounder is a group of feral hogs comprised of one or more adult sows and one or more generations of offspring. Sounders the primary family unit among wild hogs. One or more mature boars will spend time with a sounder when trying to mate with a sow but will quickly move on in search of another sow once they have mated. One or two males can impregnate a dozen sows in a short time.  


You must trap the entire sounder to make a dent in your wild hog population. By taking out the sounder, you are essentially shutting down the factory. With the factory shut down, you can then target your trap shy dominant boars. Learn more about whole sounder control techniques.

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