About Us

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We are a team of dedicated outdoorsmen and women working hard to control the wild hog population in West Central Florida. We spend most of our days outdoors trapping, hunting, and fishing. We airboat, 4-wheel and play in the mud on a daily basis. Our boots are almost never clean!


Our mission at Florida Boar Busters is to empower landowners with the tools, skills and knowledge to take back their land from out of control wild hogs. Wild hogs are invasive, the same as fire ants, Burmese pythons, love bugs, lion fish, kudzu, and Brazilian pepper trees. Nature is a delicate balance, without control of invasive species it will not remain that way for long. We believe a balance can be achieved if effective trapping techniques are taught and used. We want to be your partner in maintaining Florida's natural eco-system for generations to come. 

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