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Florida Boar Busters is dedicated to controlling wild hog populations throughout West Central Florida. Our all inclusive trapping service is safe, affordable and effective. We also sell and rent traps for those looking to control wild hogs on their own property. Let us show you how it's done! All trap purchases include a detailed set-up manual and a library of training videos on YouTube. For a small fee, we will come set-up your trap and show you everything you need to know, in person, on your own property. Every purchase includes ongoing advice and support by phone, text and email. 


Whole Sounder Control

A sounder is a group of feral hogs usually comprised of one or more adult sows and one or more generations of offspring. A sounder is the primary family unit among wild hogs. One or more mature boars will spend time with a sounder when trying to mate with a sow but will quickly move on in search of another sow once they have mated. One or two dominant males can impregnate a dozen sows in very little time.  


You must trap the entire sounder to make a dent in your wild hog population. By taking out the sounder, you are essentially shutting down the factory. With the factory shut down, you can then target your trap shy hogs and dominant males. Learn more about whole sounder control techniques.



The gestation period of a sow averages between 100 to 140 days. The ovulation rates, litter sizes, and pregnancy rates all increase with the sow's age. Sows will breed year round, but births peak in spring and fall. A sow will give birth to anywhere from 1 to 12 piglets and can have 2 litters a year. A single sow and her offspring will produce 1,554 piglets in 2 years at an average rate of 6 piglets per litter. 

Hogs are riddled with diseases such as swine brucellosis, pseudorabies (an easily spread form of rabies), tularemia, and many others. Wild hogs cause many other problems too.